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If you are looking for an oil and gas resume writer, there are a few things you need to know before you get too trigger happy! Before you hire an oil and gas resume writer read this below article!

Don’t be FOOLED! Picking the right resume service for you – how to do it - C. Bird, CEO - Resume Resort

I wish I could say that our firm is usually the first stop for most of the oilfield clients that we serve… but I will be honest in saying that at least 20-40% of our energy / oil clients have had their gas and oil resume professionally done in the last 12 months by another oilfield resume writing company and they did not get the response (employment in the gas and oil industry) or service they expected...which led them to us.

This checklist will help any gas and oil professional looking to work specifically with a resume writing company that specializes in gas and oil resumes (like to pick a resume writer that will be most able to produce the results they are looking for (ideally interviews for oilfield positions). 

If the resume writing company you are looking at hiring does not get a “yes” for each of these questions – they are NOT the one you want to go with as they may be a “fly by night service”, or simply not “up with the times” enough to meet your needs.

1.     Do they have a professional online presentation, meaning a company domain (website), email addresses at that domain, and clear oilfield representation on LinkedIn?

2.     On their gas and oil LinkedIn profile do they have several relevant rigging based endorsements with high ratings for each area that pertain to Human Resources, Oilfield Resume Writing, etc.

3.     Do they have several gas and oil based recommendations from ACTIVE oilfield accounts that pertain to your specific area of expertise, such as Drilling, Rig Management, Wellsite Supervision, etc. (like

4.     Do they have a professional logo and general brand that screams of the oilfield in particular?

5.     Do they have a contact phone number with professional voicemail - means of texting, etc.?

6.     Do they have a reputable merchant account that accepts credit card payments (this shows they have established credit).  Fraudulent resume writing services are more likely to only accept PayPal, etc.

7.     Do they have a listing on the Better Business Bureau website that shows that their resume writing company has been in business for at least 2 years with an A+ rating?

8.    Do they have a business number registered with the government, such as paying GST, etc.

9.    Do they offer gas and oil resumes samples of their work for your review free of charge?

10.  Does the oilfield resume writer have at least 5-10 years in the field of Human Resources?

11.  Does the professional resume writer have working knowledge of modern ATS systems?

12.  Does the resume writing firm offer you the three resume file types needed for online gas and oil applications (ATS.doc, Word.doc and .PDF)?

13.  Does this resume writing company offer unlimited resume edits before sending the final drafts at no additional charge?

14.  Does the gas and oil resume writer offer free lifetime storage of your resume in the event that you need it resent down the road?

15.  And lastly, are their resume writing prices in a range that would provide an expected living for someone offering a professional career / employment writing service; for example – if they charge minimum wage rates for the resume, could they in fact be a management level human resources professional writing the resume for that fee?

I am confident that the above tips should help you locate a suitable gas and oil resume writing service that has the highest probability of serving you well.


Many blessings to each of you!

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Carol Bird

TEXT: 306.270.3511

*Carol Bird is the CEO for the Resume Resort / RigBoyz Employment Network (, a leading recruitment, international resume writing and gas and oil employment consulting firm that specializes in oilfield (contingency based recruitment, online job search strategies, gas and oil resume writing, oilfield LinkedIn writing and career coaching services). Although this firm specializes in the oilfield, they have served and continue to serve all industries, holding an A+ BBB rating since 1999. A sample of their work and pricing can be requested at no charge as well. They can be reached at and their pricing and order form can be found here: .

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