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Respect - is it REALLY That Hard?

- C. Bird, CEO - Resume Resort

If there is one thing I know about my gas and oil guys it is this, you give them the respect

they deserve, at home and on the job, and rarely will they let you down.

So why is it seemingly so hard?

Why is it these days disrespect slaps us in the face at every turn when really all we are trying to do is get through the day and be decent people?

Why is what we do "RIGHT", so invisible and where we screw up from time to time, blasted from the mountain tops?


They say respect is “earned”…. But what about when the price is too damn high? What if to “EARN” your respect I need to compromise on my values? What if my attempts to earn your respect made it WAY too easy for you to mistake me for a doormat? Then what?

My guys are away from their wives and children the bulk of their lives working the rigs, many traveling overseas for months at a time doing precarious work in often extremely dangerous environments… and when they get home from the rigs… they are frigging exhausted (mentally, physically and emotionally)! 


There are many things in their list of immediate “needs” when they walk in that door, but I can tell you the first damn thing they NEED is a little RESPECT.

...Not the “Hunnie-do-list”, not the “Hunnie-did-wrong” interrogation… R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

What about a, “Thank you Hunnie, for everything you do for me and this family… I know it is not easy”?

What about a back massage and night off with the boys … guilt free?

What about one day when they come home where they can just breathe… stare at a wall for a few hours and do: NOTHING?

…what about…. RESPECT?

Gratitude speaks respect.

Patience speaks respect.

Gentleness speaks respect.

Kindness and consideration speaks respect.

It is not that hard.

If there is one piece of advice I could give any oilfield wife, it is this… respect comes first, and that starts with you.

If there is one piece of advice I can give any oilfield boss, it is this…respect comes first, and that starts with you.

I will tell you guys, I was married for 15 years… and sadly I learned this respect concept a little too late, I have since learned that for any relationship to work, personal or business, respect must be the foundation that supports the relationship from the very beginning.

Be safe out there guys!

If you agree with this message – please consider sharing it.

Many blessings to each of you!

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Carol Bird

TEXT: 306.270.3511

*Carol Bird is the CEO for the Resume Resort / RigBoyz Employment Network (, a leading recruitment, international resume writing and gas and oil employment consulting firm that specializes in oilfield (contingency based recruitment, online job search strategies, gas and oil resume writing, oilfield LinkedIn writing and career coaching services). Although this firm specializes in the oilfield, they have served and continue to serve all industries, holding an A+ BBB rating since 1999. A sample of their work and pricing can be requested at no charge as well. They can be reached at and their pricing and order form can be found here: .

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