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- Darren Tokaryk, Permit to work Coordinator (SK Eng. and Construction Co.Ltd) -


     "I was having trouble getting my resume read. I knew this because I was
applying for jobs whose job description read as if they were written
just for me; I wasn't making it through the computer algorithms. I
wasn't even getting an inquiry, let alone an email or a phone call!
Carol helped me write a resume that made it through the algorithms, and
lo and behold, I was getting responses to about half of my submittals,
resulting in multiple interviews and offers! Carol knows her stuff; in
this day and age, where a computer screens hundreds or thousands of
resumes before a human even sees it, Carol's expertise is invaluable!
Thanks Carol!"

 - Brian Miller, Aerospace Engineer (TASE)

... RigBoyz can afford their toyz
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