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Only global GAS & OIL EXCLUSIVE, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Compliant



Free Lifetime Storage  Unlimited Online Support 

  PACKAGE #3   



- Cover Letter is included at no charge!

- We provide you with Master Drafts in 3 File Types, with clear instructions for submitting your new ATS Compatible Resume online (.DOC, .PDF, ATS.doc)

Simple three-step process:

1. Place order

2. Follow given instructions in providing us with your resume information

3. Proofread Resume and download Final Drafts for use



Choose This Package If:

  • You're an individual who requires an ATS compliant resume in order to overcome (or prevent) prolonged unemployability or who needs a competitive advantage by increasing your ATS score

  • You are presently utilizing a resume that is NOT ATS compliant (such as PDF, etc.) or a resume with a score too low to result in significant employment offers

  • You're hoping to earn roughly $50-$60K/year+, or a day pay rate of $400 - $600 / day

  • You're a Gas and Oil or mining professional, such as Roughneck, Wellsite Supervisor, Driller, Motorman, Health & Safety Professional, Engineer, etc.

  • You're seriously looking for new opportunities, contracts, or employment local or abroad (Canada, USA, Saudi, UK, NZ, Australia, Middle East, Texas, etc.)


  Create or Upgrade a High Impact ATS Resume with 2 Custom Keyword Sections

  *This is our first Professional, ATS Resume Writing and Design option

  Typically used by Experienced Earners (3-5 years experience)


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