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- Dameion B.

Security Executive

"I recommend Carol for your needs in exploring all employments opportunities not just in the oil and gas sector but also beyond those confines. I am an officer in the United States Army Reserves. I am a custom to the “Mentor, Coach, and Teach” concept. My first meeting with Carol this is what I received. She was instrumental in preparing me to lay the groundwork for a journey into exploring my employment options for the next 20 years. Her sound advice not only motivated me to review all my options but also gave me the tools to prepare my family to discuss the possible steps toward my future. Furthermore, after our initial meeting the follow-ups are enjoyable. I think Carol has a deep grasp of what the current employers are looking for in resumes. Her approach to adjusting a biography and resume to current human resource tactics, techniques, and procedures are transcendent. I believe that after working with her you will be better prepared to stand out amongst your peers. In conclusion, her advice has prepared me for both civilian and military careers. I advise you spend the time to meet with her. The session is well worth it."


- Jan H.

Data Asset Management

"I am the President of an Oil and Gas Consulting Company. I recently had Carol Bird recreate my personal CV / resume. Carol is an exceptional wordsmith. Her professional writing skills exceeded my expectations and I am already seeing positive results from work she completed for me.
I would highly recommend Carol for any Oil and Gas resume and employment consulting. 10 out of 10"


- Annica M.

Mine Maintenance Electrician


"I have nothing but amazing things to say about Carol and her team. From the very beginning she was incredibly detail oriented, and helped to focus my resume in the direction I wanted.

During the process I was involved every step of the way, and The final product was exactly what I was looking for. I have had great success with my new resume, and many compliments from the HR professionals I’ve dealt with. I have, and will continue to recommend Carol and her team to anybody looking to upgrade. Thanks Carol!"


- Darren G.

Rope Tech

"I had heard great things about Carol and the work she does and saw her passion in how she carried herself and interacted with her connections on LinkedIn and so finally I was in touch with her. I was truly surprised at how she was even more enthusiastic in real life. Working with her was actually extremely fun... she is down to earth, yet extremely knowledgeable in this industry. I could not have asked for a better experience. I highly recommend her to anyone."​


- Robert G.


"I would like to thank Carol and her dedicated team at Rigboyz for there sterling work at reconstructing my CV. They have done an amazing job at highlighting all the details.
I would highly recommend Rigboyz to anyone wanting to redesign and construct there CV to contact Carol."​


- Danny T.

Pipeline Consultant

"Meeting Carol through LinkedIn has been a blessing. Carol and her staff created a resume and profile for me based on my experience that has garnered the attention of employers that normally would not have payed attention to me based on my previous resume. Carol conducted herself in a professional manner from the moment I engaged her services and I will continue to refer her services to anyone looking to update or create a professional profile.

Thank you Carol"​


- Ed. M.

Construction Management Professional

"Carol and Melody worked hard and very diligently on my resume, cover letter etc to bring me up to speed with the new era of online job applications. The process is very quick, organized and painless. I highly recommend the ladies at Rigboyz to get your resume current with a professional and forward looking approach.

Thanks Carol"​


- Bill U.

Construction Manager

"Carol Bird is a highly motivated professional who delivers exactly what she promises. She makes a point of insuring her work is accurate and worked closely with me from beginning to end to make sure i was happy with the service she provided. If you are looking to further your career and having you resume professionally written, I highly recommend giving Carol a shout to discuss what she can do for you."​


- Abdul M.

Principal Consultant / QA Manager

"It is with immense pleasure, I recommend Carol for her expertise and most importantly, her passion to help people in achieving career goals.

You have done an amazing job putting together my credentials and the contents are arranged strategically & professionally and so the text flow is impeccably presented highlighting critical accomplishments and skills set. I have shown my portfolio drafts that are completed by Carol within my engineering network and have got overwhelming response and this all credit goes to you Carol.

Again, I can't thank enough for everything you did for me and made my every penny worth with your expertise and deliverables in preparing my portfolio.

Thank you Carol for setting me up to the path of success."​


- Bruce K.

Oilfield Manufacturing

"I used Carol to update and spruce up my resume. Absolute pleasure to deal with and extremely professional. I would recommend her resume services to anyone."​


- Kevin J.

Plant Manager

"My resume was getting me nowhere. Carol offered to rebuild it for me and make it ATS compliant. I didn't even know what that was until I learned that my opportunities were being limited by HR software at some recruiters and companies. Beyond this, Carol has given me the tools (resume, cover page, Bio and a new LinkedIn profile ) for me to pursue my career. She even worked over the weekend for me so that I would have what I needed for an opportunity on Monday. The quality of the work is exceptional and well worth the investment for a professional resume. Don't delay, you will be as happy as I am."​


- Kevin G.

Wellsite Supervisor

"I have had the pleasure of doing business with Carol, having her company give my resume a new look. She was very knowledgeable, and honest about the whole process. I am now the proud owner of a resume that I feel suits me very well, and I can send out to suitors with confidence. I would recommend Carol to anyone that is looking to upgrade their resume, and would like to know with confidence, that her resume will get them noticed."​


- Chad H.

Construction Management Professional

"Carol Bird is a person with great skills and profound expertise of advanced business solutions. She is always punctual; her knowledge is vast and thorough. Carol is an organized and customer-service oriented perfectionist, has no problem to work hard when necessary. She was always able to successfully complete any tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. Carol worked far beyond the call of duty. I certainly would recommend her as your Resume Writer / Career Consultant."


- Dean D.

Millwright / Machinist

"Very knowledgeable and professional. I was apprehensive about using her services but I’m glad that I did. She has provided me with a quality resume."​


- Salifou Y.

Senior Project Engineer

"I strongly recommend Carol Bird to anybody trying to achieve professional standards for his resume content and presentation. Carol works diligently and collaboratively to assure customer's complete satisfaction. My experience with her was awesome!"​


- Jake M.

President - NAIC

"I would like to thank Carol for her skills of resume writing and knowledge of the oil and gas industry. I hired Carol to assist me with improving my resume and when I received the final product, what a difference. If you want to be put in the front of the line ( based off hiring by just a resume) call Carol and let her work her magic! Her skills were worth every penny and our entire company will be working with her in the very near future. Thank You just doesn't seem like enough but Thank You , Carol !"


- Larry B.


​"As a client of carol's I was really pleased with the service they provided. Very professional and efficient. With the end result of a great resume and cover letter."


- Alex H.

Network Operations

"Carol Bird and her company did a great job on my cover letter and resume. They always responded very quick and offered good support."


- Jarod G.

"I would recommend Carol and her company for resumes and cover letters. They are highly skilled and did my resume in a very timely manner."


- Robert P.

President - Ashford O & G

"Carol has touched on the importance of keeping your professional accomplishments defined, the best way to reach your objectives and many recommendations on being in front of competition.
I have been in the oil business for almost 50 years in various capacities and appreciate what Carol has done for those that have been impacted by the most recent downturn. She offers help and for those who are looking, look no further!"​


- Richard S.

"Carol has a definite rapport for helping others acquire their goals. She has helped me with remake on my resume and I have more profile views in two weeks from people in my field then I had in the previous 6 months. Carol has ingrained her giving attitude to her children and her daughter is already taken training to be a first responder, and not even legal age yet. I highly recommend Carol for an update on your resume to make it ATS to fit in todays world of computers sending your resume to a person to look at. Carol has done this for me at no expense to me except for my gratitude for all her help. Well done Carol, Thank you very much!!"​


- Warren S.

Facilities Supervisor

"Carol is a very professional, responsible caring person who strives to help others reach their professional goals regarding their careers.
She puts in the long hours to get the best for her clients. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for help with their resume and job search.
Warren Seed."


- Philip F.

Field Service Technician

"In these tough times all of us need or will need a little help along the way. I appreciate everything Carol and her team has done for me so far. Carol and Mathew have been very professional and personable. I have had zero response with the resume that I wrote up for myself thus far. I have yet to send my new, professional cover letter and resume out, designed by Mathew, but by looking at what he has done I'm guaranteed to land the dream career I want. If anyone is on the fence about spending the money to have professionals help you out, please don't hesitate anymore as you only have one more day to take advantage of the great discounts. Thank you Carol, Mathew and whomever else may have had a hand in helping me out. Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!"


- Daryl L.

Electrical ICCS


"Carol is well informed of what is needed in today's oil and gas industry. I found her professionalism very detailed, knowledgeable and always personable. Carol is an asset to any oil and gas individual network!"​



- Karri J.

Director - Health & Safety

"You are an inspiration too so many people on here. Your post are so awesome and I appreciate all you do for our industry. Few do what you do!!!" Keep up the awesome job Carol Bird. RIGBOYZ is the BEST."


- Vincent E.

Project Safety Officer

"Carol is definitely one of the friendliest and most resourceful individuals i have had the pleasure of meeting. Carol certainly knows how to work with people and is very insightful."


- Derek R.

Waste Management

"Hats off to Carol, I had contacted her because I had some questions about my resume. She contacted me back and explained everything about what people are looking for in a resume. Even though I was financially strapped, she still went above and beyond to help me out. I was not able to use the service she provided but she taught me how to stay positive and keep moving forward. Biggest heart ever in this lady. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to excel in finding work. Talk with her today you won't be disappointed you did. Thanks Carol for all your help. Keep doing what you do. Cheers."



- Ken O.

Health & Safety Coordinator

"It is very fortunate that you come across a standout Oil and Gas Expert such as Carol Bird. I had the pleasure of meeting with Carol last year as she agreed to work her Resume and LinkedIn Bio update magic for me. She promptly delivered on her word and I was greatly impressed with the results!
Carol has proven to me, and many others, that her greatest talent is how much she cares for her clients and connections. When you speak with her and share your information, you are building a strong professional working relationship. She will assist you to push your career search to the next level. The writing services she provides will definitely make you stand out among your peers. You will be noticed!
If you require someone with exceptional resume writing and LinkedIn bio update skills, I would strongly suggest you look to my friend Carol Bird. She comes with my most sincere recommendation."


- Savoera P.

Office Assistant


"Carol!! I could hug you! You came into our lives at a very crucial moment! See, if it wasn't for you and your team rewriting my husband's resume and cover letter, I may have had to pack up and return to Saskatoon, since it seemed hopeless that he would ever find a suitable job in BC. Although we have yet to submit the new resume and application to the couple of jobs he is enthusiastic about, I feel confident that he will now land a fantastic job and finally move to BC! I'm looking forward to having my husband with me again!

Thanks so much, Carol and Mathew! You guys are simply awesome!!"​



- Sanjay P.

Building Operations

"Carol is an angel! She came to my rescue when I was ready to throw in the towel! I wished I had found her services about 5 years ago, when my job hunting efforts in British Columbia started so I could join my family there. I live in Saskatoon while my family moved to BC over 5 years ago, thinking that I would soon join them as well. My wife and I have tried so hard to find me a suitable job, but my applications were ignored so often that we started thinking that BC just didn't have jobs for someone with my qualifications. And the rare times I did get contacted, I was either overqualified, or lacked a bachelor's degree, or the pay was just not going to cut it.

I'm so grateful that Carol entered into my life when I was truly down in the dumps. It's amazing how everything seems to be falling into place now! I found three perfect job opportunities right about the time when I discovered her services. So instead of sending off my old resume and cover letter, my wife and I decided to invest into sprucing up my resume. We went with the complete package (resume, cover letter and making my LinkedIn profile look more professional) since it's being offered at half price currently. We just got the final draft back for both my resume and cover letter, and it has blown us away! My LinkedIn will be updated soon as well.

My future looks very promising now... I mean, I have yet to submit the application to the 3 places I am eyeing, but the way they have written up my resume and cover letter has instantly lifted up my dwindling spirit, and I am confident now that I will land a fantastic job in BC, and that I am finally on my way to reunite with my family there. Bye, bye Saskatoon, it was fun while it lasted, and I will surely miss you and the magical Northern Lights, but I'm off to BC now! The mountains are calling! :D"


- Max P.

Senior Coordinator

"Ah about Carol. After your article The devastating Truth, I adjusted my CV to have no headers and footers and transferred the info into the body of the text of the CV and started receiving offers the next day. Yes one was Saudi, but it was a job that they had the info to reach me directly. Thank you Carol for the info. Times are hard right now in Oil and Gas and anything to continue a career is a blessing. Thank you for the advice. I will follow you on info from now on. Job Well Done!!!"



- Steven T.

Power Engineer

"I am very pleased with the work Carol Bird and her team have done on my resume package. The communication and attention to detail were very impressive. Any changes that I suggested were quickly implemented and returned. Thank you Carol and team for all your hard work."



- Cassandra G.


"I would highly recommend Carol Bird and her Team!!! I have had a long journey, and i am just starting out with a new career! Its very hard out there right now, so much is happening in the industry! Its nice to read, earn and have new opportunities to succeed within the work world! All the articles, and discussions that Carol Bird contributes are a good way to upgrade your knowledge and learn new ideas to succeed in this day and age. Thank you Carol Bird and Team, you guys do amazing work, and i am truly blessed."


- Dean J.


"I am pleased to share a recommendation for Carol Bird and Resume Resort. Carol was recently recommended to me by a friend and colleague. Carol was very accommodating and took the time to get to know me, my skill sets and what I was looking for in regards to what employment and career pursuance. This time she took is clearly exhibited with the professionalism of final products (resumes and profiles) I received.
Carol was able to provide the products I required in a timely fashion and most certainly helped me stand out in this economic environment.
I highly recommend using Carol services."


- Darren T.

Permit to Work Coordinator

"I cannot endorse Carol and her firm strongly enough. A consummate professional of the highest order, Carol provides more than a resume writing service. As a coach and mentor describing todays job-hunting market, my eyes were opened to a world I did not know existed. After conversing about the realities facing anyone navigating todays job market, I was left with an honest feeling of hope and encouragement, something I desperately needed. Did I mention my new resume and cover letter totally blew me away?

She is the real deal folks, a real person who genuinely cares about her clients. Need proof? Look no further than the 6 simple steps essay, the question and answer forum, the 50/50 program, and a resume evaluation without even asking for a dime!

I have personally recommended Carol to my friends and associates and will continue to do so with the utmost confidence."


- Alan L.

Wellsite Supervisor

"Carol did my resume & did a fantastic job, very well written as well as very professional. If your looking for someone to do your resume up properly then Carol is the lady for you. Great job Carol"



- Matt W.


"I've worked alongside Carol on several projects now during this year. I've seen her not only excel at the core elements of her job -- like managing writers, interfacing with clients and resume writing -- but also learn other tasks that extend well beyond the scope of her role, like digital marketing, biography development, and even championing the company's internal communications. That's one of the things that's so remarkable about Carol. She demonstrates not only mastery for her core role, but also the ability to take on new projects that are both difficult and critical to the company's growth. In fact, her taking on internal company communication aligned with a sharp increase in employee happiness. This rare mix of productivity and ambition sets a great example for the rest of the team, and explains why everyone loves working with Carol -- no matter where they fall on the org chart. While Carol's work has continued to pay dividends long past her tenure here, I have only optimistic predictions for her career trajectory."​



- Alex D.


"When Carol approached me about their team’s “Beat the Recession” offering, upon the review of the article and a couple follow up call I chose to utilize her services with the Executive Level Career Advancement Package. To date, she has delivered a very professional resume and goes above and beyond being available anytime day, night or weekend. She is personally committed, very approachable and delivers a superior services. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of career based services."


- Bob L.

"I would highly recommend Carol Bird to anybody that is looking to update or have a resume wrote for them. The resume that she wrote for me was very detailed and outlined key areas that expressed my qualifications for my future career opportunities in the oil & gas industry."


- Brian G.

Electrical Foreman

"I live an absolute world away from where Carol Bird lives & works,Yet after a couple of phone calls & a few emails Carol nailed my Resume. I would recommend this totally Professional multi talented CAROL BIRD to anyone."


- Navid T.

Business Analyst

"Due to the Oil downturn, it is very difficult these days to stand out against your competition. I decided to work with Carol who genuinely cares and relates to you on a personal level. Her services and advice are priceless! She was always available and made time in her busy schedule to help me out and advise on how I can improve my networking skills and gave me some specific insights to help me out. Thanks for your help and I love the work you and your team have done on my resume and profile."


- Lee K.

"Carol Bird thank you so much for all the help, you are very professional and efficient in your work and to anyone out there looking for help with there resume I strongly suggest that you connect with Carol and set up a plan to help your career cause her work is amazing."


- Sean G.

"Carol Bird did a great job on updating my resume, it looks very well laid out and looks professional."


- Robin F.


"When I reached out to Carol to inquire about her resume writing services, she immediately brought me up to speed in areas of recruitment that I was unaware. She then created me a very professional resume that I am extremely happy with. In addition to being knowledgeable in her field - her work ethic is not a typical 9-5 worker, instead she offered me access to her through her cell anytime I needed her, including evenings and weekends should the need arise. She had a very personal approach to how she interacted with me and how she came along side me in this process, this tells me she thoroughly loves her work. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of career based services, like resume or LinkedIn writing."​



- Monty B.

"Even though Carol at the Resume Resort is an extremely busy international writer in the Oil and Gas field - she made time for me and my inquiries, including responding to my messages promptly. The resume was improved and made to look attractive and professional. They offer a high-end, client focused service"


- Craig M


"I would like to recommend Carol, as she is very knowledgeable and very professional in the work that she does. Carol is very supportive and will go out of her way to help anybody out. I am very happy with to help she has given me and my family."​


- Jeff E.

Safety Specialist

"So I inquired about the 50/50 promotion that was going on with Carol's' services and she replied back very quickly. She took time to explain what type of services she offered and was very professional, not pushy at all like some other firms. Needless to say, I was sold at the end of our call, it took her a few days to come up with a very neat and professional resume and has helped me out dearly. I am looking forward to getting this out to see what kind of reply's I will be getting and can not wait for the LinkedIn update. Money well spent and definitely recommend Carol Bird to anyone of you that may be looking for help with your resume etc! Thanks Carol!"


- Al F.

Completions Superintendent

"I am writing this recommendation for Carol Bird to express how pleased I am with her Resume/Cover letter and LinkedIn writing services. From the first consultation on the phone to the end product, Carol was very professional in making me feel comfortable in the product and efficient in getting the services done. She included me in all aspects of the journey and made sure I was completely satisfied in what I paid for. I would and have recommended her services to other people. Thanks again Carol!!"


- Shane R.

Oil & Gas Professional

"Carol Bird does her job well, she responds quickly when asked a question and gets things done in a timely matter. This was the second time I have have my resume updated at resume resort and have been more than happy both times."


- Barry B.

Drilling Supervisor

"Carol Bird was a true professional and provided a seamless process for a great resume."


- Akavey G


"Carol Bird is very committed to helping people succeed and finding the the best is others. She is willing to share and collaborate with others. It was a pleasure working with Carol."


- Glen F.

Construction Foreman

"I would like to post a few words and recommend to anyone looking for a resume upgrade and help finding employment to contact Carol, she is very well organized and knowledgeable in her field, she will get you noticed and results out of the gate , if you have talent , she will find you interested companies , she will get you noticed by quality companies in need, thanks Carol."

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